AeroDawg Aerosol Chamber (Large)
AeroDawg Aerosol Chamber (Large)
AeroDawg Aerosol Chamber (Large)

AeroDawg Aerosol Chamber (Large)

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For dogs more than 18.2kg.

The AeroDawg aerosol chamber is used with a Metered-Dose Inhaler (MDI) prescribed by a veterinarian, for the following conditions in dogs:

1. Chronic Bronchitis
2. Laryngeal Paralysis
3. Tracheal Collapse


Links at manufacturer's website (including dosing sheet and instructions on use):

All about AeroDawg, dosing sheet, videos on use of AeroDawg




External links:

Use of AeroDawg 1

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Examples of Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI) are listed below.

Important: that when the veterinarian writes a prescription for a MDI, it should be an “EVOHALER” (as only this design will fit the AeroDawg).

An MDI should be made available only after a diagnostic workup with a veterinarian. A MDI may be available from a veterinarian, or a veterinarian may direct a client to purchase one from a pharmacy. A prescription is required.


Examples of suitable MDIs available in Singapore:

Flixotide 125 Evohalerdelivers 125 mcg of fluticasone per dose (120 doses)

–  Long term management, to avoid or reduce dose of systemic steroidal medication

Flixotide 125


Ventolin 100 Evohalerdelivers 100 mcg  salbutamol (albuterol) per dose (200 doses)

– Typically for rapid relief of more severe episodes, usually in conjunction with other therapeutics

Ventolin 100


Seretide 25/125 Evohalerdelivers 25 mcg of salmeterol and 125 mcg of fluticasone per dose (120 doses); Variations of Seretide available

Seretide 25:125

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